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Work Breakdown Structure

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- Read and review the attached document.
- This requires a WBS and preliminary project schedule based on the information in the attached document.
- Use the information in the attached document in creating task lists and WBS to develop a work breakdown structure (preferably in MS Project).
- Use a coding system for the WBS.
- Use the information presented in the attached document to develop a schedule.
- Be sure to link all tasks appropriately.
- #1, #2 and #3 should preferably be views in individual MS Project files.


1 - Create a work breakdown structure
2 - Create a view of the network plan.
3 - Create a view of the gannt chart illustrating task dependencies.
4 - Identify the critical path.
5 - Define sensible milestones and give arguments for the choices.
6 - How sensitive is this network?

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Dear Student,
Please find attached the
* Project File in MS Project 2003
* Detailed Network Diagram
* Tracking Gantt
4) Showing Critical path in Red in the Detailed ...

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