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Work Breakdown Structure - (WBS)

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A consumer electronics firm is planning an expansion into Milwaukee. Generally, the firm prefers to remodel large existing tenant spaces to suit their needs. After a site is selected from several alternatives, the corporate architect develops plans by reviewing the suitability of existing structure and utilities. A modification and demolition plan is then developed. Interior finish plans are then developed from corporate standards and adjusted to each site.

- Building permits are handled by the general contractor (GC). The firm uses the GC for all of its construction in a region. The GC hires local subcontractors and provides on-site construction supervision.
- As construction begins, the firm also begins to assemble a new management team from existing management staff, making an attempt to use only staff that has an interest in relocating. Sales staff is hired locally.
- When construction is approximately six weeks from completion, inventory is ordered.

What work breakdown structure (WBS) could I use for this project with activities corresponding to a two level task and sub-task hierarchy? Please show columns for the WBS code and activities. Number and indent the WBS codes so that the level of each activity can be identified.

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