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Leading a web development project for a nonprofit organization

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A nonprofit organization would like you to lead a Web site development project for them. The organization has Internet access that includes space on a Web server, but has no experience developing Web pages or Web sites. In addition to creating their Web site, they would like you to train two people on their staff to do simple Web page updates.

The organization wants their Web site to include the following basic information, as a minimum: description of the organization (mission, history, and recent events), list of services, and contact information. They want the Web site to include graphics (photographs and other images) and have an attractive, easy-to-use layout. Create a WBS and enter the tasks in Project or Open Workbench. Enter realistic durations for each task. Assume you have only four months to complete this project. Take a screen shot of the resulting Gantt chart and paste this into a Word for Windows file.

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Solution attaches Word, .mpp and .vsd files that include a WBS chart drawn in Visio and Gantt Chart drawn in MS Project 2003 that lays out how nonprofit's website will be created to be user-friendly.