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    Impact of Health Care Organization

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    1. Complete a literature review on the history of a specific type of health care organization (i.e., Private not-for-profit, publicly traded for profit systems, the Veterans Administration, the Indian Health Service, state sponsored Medicaid system, Behavioral health systems, etc).
    2. Select two articles that you find interesting. Prepare a paper of the type of system and identify the key events (political/ legislative/ economic) which impacted the development of these systems over the last thirty years. Reference this with at least three articles from your literature review.

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    // Before starting working on the goals and objectives of non-profit organizations, we need to be familiar with the history and literature review of the related topics. The selection of the organization should be kept in mind before starting analysis and evaluation of the firm. In order to understand the non profit organization, we should have the knowledge of the process and system of these organizations. An example of non-profit organization is given here: //

    Non-profit Organization

    A nonprofit health care organization is a legally constituted organization whose objective is to support or engage in activities of public or private interest without any commercial or monetary profit (Marshall, 2007). Their objective is to serve the society without any monetary benefits. Non Profit Organizations are active in the environment, charities, education, social issues, health care, politics and sports as well as other events. Non-profit health care organizations are growing at a rapid pace (Marshall, 2007).

    Non-profit organizations give these individuals the capacity to search for help in a medical crisis. These organizations also let them immediately deal with their everyday medical needs. The not- for-profit sector of an economy is important for several reasons. Society desires certain goods and services that profit making firms cannot provide (Marshall, 2007).These are referred as public or collective goods because people who might not have paid for the goods receive benefits from them. An individual cannot use a private good unless he/she pays for it. Generally once a public good is provided; anyone can use or enjoy it (Marshall, 2007).

    The non-profit organizations have the various advantages. A non profit organization is a collection of resources that are arranged to achieve an overall objective. The purpose of a nonprofit organization is to fulfill one or other needs of a community (Marshall, 2007). Each non profit organization describes its overall purpose in a mission statement. A prime dissimilarity among a nonprofit and a for-profit corporation is that a nonprofit does not issue stock or pay dividends (Marshall, 2007).

    Non profit organization that qualifies as public charities under the Code 501(c) (3) of Internal Revenue is entitled for national exemption from payment of company income tax. Any organization once exempted from this tax, will usually be excused from similar state and local taxes. Tax exemption is not usual for those agencies that fit in as nonprofits (Flynn & Hodgkinson, 2001).

    The nonprofit health care organizations are allowed to ask for donations from the public. The assistance ...

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