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Operations Management in Healthcare

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1. Which one of the operational planning steps has the greatest impact on customer service? Why?

A. Planning the process: This is often referred to as the "plan to plan". In this phase, organizational leaders decide on the committee structure, methodology, members of the planning team, frequency of the meetings, expected duration of the entire planning process

B. Assessing the mission statement: It is essential all members buy into the core set of values and purpose.

C. Conduct environmental assessment: The goal of this step is to understand the position of the health care organization in its environment. Trends in health care, competition and other issues and their possible impact are identified at this step.

D. Conducting a strategic stakeholder analysis: The importance of stakeholder analysis is covered in detail in HCS 402 Intro To Health Care In The US.

E. Setting goals and objectives: Goals and objectives are usually the endpoints and expected outcomes the organization plans to reach at a specified period of time.

F. Formulating strategic options: This phase of planning identifies and develops the means for achieving goals and objectives. Brainstorming is a common tool used in this process.

G. Selecting and developing strategies: This phase requires the selection of specific/desirable strategies to be used by the organization.

H. Developing the implementation plan: Specific responsibilities are assigned to individuals and/or groups at this phase. Timelines and due dates are developed at this phase.

2. What are some examples of external bodies of health care governance? (If web sites are available, please list them)

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