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    Operations Manager for small hospital

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    You are a newly promoted operations manager of a small hospital. You have been asked to create a materials management proposal.

    o Explain the role materials management plays within the hospital and the role of operations managers in this process.
    o Identify possible constraints the hospital may experience in its supply chains.
    o Describe the potential effects of implementing a new collaborative planning process.

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    Materials Management Proposal for a Hospital

    The operation manager is an important part of the organization. There are various responsibilities, which are fulfilled by an operation manager. These responsibilities are supervision, grain handling, other product handling, maintenance, and performing other duties, which are assigned by the general manager. In order to promote team work and maintain positive attitude in the organization among the workers, the operation manager should motivate the employees as a leader.
    In a hospital, one of the objectives of operations manager is to plan, coordinate and guide the personnel and various organizational operations in such a way that it improves the market share and savings of the company increase the organizational efficiency (Chary, 2006). Managing materials through effective supply chain process in the hospital and operations management is directly proportional with each other (Farrell, 1986).

    The field of the health care is very crucial and all the aspects of a hospital need accuracy and timely completion of activities (Materials Management in Healthcare: A patient-centered approach, 2008). Proper and effective management of materials plays a critical role in the success of the hospital. The process of material management based on the availability, safety and affordability helps the management to serve the patients with quality and best services (Parsons, 2009). All the departments of the hospital are based on the supply of materials such as medicines, machinery, equipments, etc. The process of supply chain management makes the operations and activities easier and accessible (Chary, 2006). Without having and effective material management and supply chain process, it is not ...

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