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Operation Management: Justify implementing a new collaborative planning process.

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You are a newly promoted operations manager of a small hospital. You have been asked to create a materials management proposal.

- Justify implementing a new collaborative planning process.
- Provide suggestions on how to keep the hospital supplied during a disaster.

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Operation Management

Implementation of Collaborative Planning Process in Hospital
Material management of the company assists it to distribute required number of products at right place right manner. In order to support the growth of the hospital as well as the employees it is necessary for the operations manager to implement a collaborative planning Process in the hospital. In the supply chain management the hospital staff cannot bear the delay of one second (Lewis & Slack, 2003). By implementing a collaborative planning process, it would become easy for the managers to take regular updates of the knowledge and performance of the employees (Jan, 2006).
This collaborative plan in the hospital follows the cost benefit analysis, which allows the company to produce required products according to the stated time period. With the help of this, the hospital a keep a track record of the movement of goods and enhance the efficiency of the communication among all the staff members (Lewis & Slack, 2003). What to order and when to order like queries of the company are effectively solved by this collaborative planning process (Min & 'Vincent' Yu, 2007).

This plan is also assists the manager to develop a regular maintenance schedule for all departmental facilities and equipments. The operation manager also balances cash and forwards sales tickets, scale tickets, and cash receipts to bookkeeping (Lewis & Slack, 2003). It ...

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The solution examines justifying implementing a new collaborative planning process.