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Intervention and Implementation

Hi, I am working on the end of this report and need further help. For example, I want indicate clearly how any operations would be implemented at the organizational level. In addition, recommend the required corrective actions and justify how they can be implemented from the recommendations with appropriate research and reasoning. I hope you can assist. I also need to discuss the following:

1.Developing strategies to implement change in a hypothetical organization.
2.Detail the potential problems during the implementation stage.
3.Recommend the required corrective actions. Justify ideas by using appropriate examples.

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Hi, I hope this helps.

Johnson, Scholes, Whittington (2002) define intervention as "the coordination of and authority over processes of change by a change agent who delegates elements of the change process". These authors further noted that within the business units, intervention may be implemented to improve performance and to develop a business strategy. Among the strategies suggested to implement intervention are the following:
1. Regularly monitoring the performance of business units as against the standards set.
2. Taking action to improve the level of performance. These may take the form of modification of organizational structure, transferring people to other units, conducting training, and several others, depending on the areas identified in which the weaknesses have been found.
3. Developing the company's strategic capabilities through its resources. This may take the form of acquiring assets that may enhance the company's operations.
4. Encouraging synergies among the various units of the organization.

Strategies to Implement Change:
Johnson et al. (2002) said that implementing change passes through stages that include: idea generation, data collection, ...

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Interventions and implementations are examined. The potential problems during the implementation stages are examined.