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Performance Improvement Interventions: Selection-Design/Delivery-Implementation Phase

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How does the section Intervention selection and development, Intervention implementation and maintenance and evaluation phases of the HPT / Human performance technology models might work together for identifying performance gaps and designing solutions. Does it align with quality and quality performance, inclusion in an instructional design approach, how it could be used in a school system,what would take place in the school as the evaluation analysis proceeds through these steps. In what ways would it be evaluated once implemented? How effective is the Human Performance Technology Model in a K-8 school system?

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Selection and development, intervention implementation and maintenance, and evaluation of the implemented interventions are vital for the HPT model because they enable educators to effectively bridge the gap between actual performance gaps and the desired performance for students, teachers, etc. By strategically applying potential interventions through an assessment of the class environment, curriculum, and student's performance, the teacher is able to analyze the skills and knowledge of students to develop competent incentives that will motivate the ...

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The solution explains performance improvement interventions, such as the selection-design/delivery-implementation Phase in the HPT model.