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Performance Improvement Efforts and Research

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Explain the differences between performance improvement efforts and research. Provide examples so I can better understand.

Would you agree with the following statement?

When working with performance improvement, it is important to understand the differences between rapid performance improvement and research. Strong research can impact quality improvement. However, often there is some confusion regarding the differences between performance improvement efforts and research. The cornerstone of scientific research is the gathering of data. It is important that you are able to differentiate between performance improvement and research to ensure that you have necessary approvals required from each. The main difference between the two is that performance improvement functions on numerous rapid tests of change, whereas research functions on the basis of having one hypothesis and whether you are able to prove the hypothesis or not. The PDSA, or, Plan-do-study act efforts allow you to change directions if the analysis of one change did not work. Research does not allow you to change directions if your hypothesis cannot be proven.

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Yes, I completely agree with the differences explained above. Research refers to a systematic search for knowledge about issues of importance to the health care profession. Whereas, quality or performance improvement methods refer to systematic, data-guided activities designed to bring about immediate improvement in healthcare delivery in particular settings.

PDSA relies on rapid cycles (measured in days to weeks) of learning by trial and error. "Plan" - the first phase ...

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