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Case Study Management

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The case study wants you to formulate a plan from the perspective of Charley, so that the performance of the company Cabot in the southeast region should improve. For this purpose he needs to assess the cause of poor performance of the divisions in the region, identify the problems division by division and prepare a detailed plan which would bring about an improvement in the performance of the region, a feat which his predecessor had not been able to achieve. The problem suggests that the 26 divisional offices have poor communication amongst them and lack co-ordination. The problem asks, "How should Charley spend the first eight weeks on the job?". Which implies that this is the information gathering and planning stage and that the quality of his plan will determine the success of his efforts.
<br>There are several assumptions, which the case makes. First, the case assumes that 26 department are primarily responsible for the poor sales performance. There is no evidence to support it. There could have been different reasons for the ...

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