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    Research Design & Methodology

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    I'm looking for your help again. This time to write up the research design and methodology section for at least 2000 words.

    I have a paper which I've attached which you can follow and summarize. Just make sure to include the reference list in Harvard style. You can use the references within the attached paper where applicable.

    As for the content structure I'm looking for, it's as follow:

    1) Introduction
    2) Choosing an appropriate methodology
    a. Epistemological considerations
    b. What is qualitative research
    i. Criticisms of qualitative research methods
    ii. Justification for the use of qualitative research methods
    c. The research design: case study method & interviews
    i. Justification of using case study & interview methodology
    ii. Limitation of both methodologies
    d. The collection of data using both methodologies (how is this done)
    i. Case study as a method for data collection
    ii. Interview as a method of data collection
    3) Ethical considerations
    a. Principles of informed consent
    b. Right to anonymity and confidentiality
    c. Selection of participants
    d. Interview process

    The paper I'm writing on is on the application of change management model in assessing the change management progress within an organization. For this, I intend to utilize case studies, use the change model and see if the steps were applied and whether the change was successful. I also intend to utilize interviews to get more information about the different steps within the model.

    You''ll find that the attached file already has most of the stuff so you can just summarize the important bits. Do let me know if this can be done. Thanks!

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    The response addresses the query posted in 2081 words with APA references

    //In the following discussion, adequate light has been thrown on various methodologies that have been implemented while conducting research on the application of change management model in assessing the change management progress within an organization. Furthermore, a brief introduction is provided on change management and its application in a business organization. An appropriate methodology, in line with the research topic, has been efficiently conducted.//

    1) Introduction

    Change management is considered as a systematic approach that helps in dealing with the change from the perspective of an individual, as well as from the organization's perspective. Every business organization wishes to thrive in the competitive and dynamic business environment (Reiss, 2012). Thus, the business process needs to be altered with time in order to survive in the dynamic business environment that is ever changing. Application of change management models allows the organization to easily adapt to the changing business environment and, thus, helps in removing hindrances that pave a path for success. It helps the organization's employees to change their behavior and skills as per the altered business situation.

    Furthermore, it improves the communication and provides ways to reduce misinformation, and, thus, stakeholders are more likely to remain committed to the change. Such models help an organization to respond faster to the changing customer demands and also help in aligning existing resources within the organization. In this context, the research is conducted in order to identify how appropriate is the application of change management for the organization (Reiss, 2012). This section focuses on the methodology that is used so as to appropriate information regarding the applications of change management in the business organizations.

    2) Choosing an Appropriate Methodology

    a. Epistemological Considerations
    An epistemology is a philosophical belief system that defines the relationship between the researcher and the reality related to the research work. Furthermore, it defines how the reality is captured while working on a specific research work (Bryman and Bell, 2015). It concentrates on how the data related to the research work is found and gathered and helps in identifying the purpose of the research. Thus, epistemology considerations concern about the knowledge and what justifies the claims of the knowledge. In this regard, valid information and data sources have been selected so as to gather information relating to the research work. For this purpose, authentic and reliable sources have been considered while carrying out the research in order to consider the epistemological aspects related to the qualitative research work. Thus, under this consideration, valid, reliable and authentic data is used to unveil the questions relating to the research work.

    b. Qualitative Research
    The qualitative research is a method of inquiry that is employed in the research methodology section. The qualitative research helps in getting inside the minds of the customers. It is specially designed to reveal the range of behavior and perceptions of the target audience that drives it with reference to specific topics and issues. Moreover, the results derived from the qualitative research are more of a descriptive nature rather than predictive. While carrying out the research work through the qualitative method, various insightful results are derived (Belk, 2006). The dynamic characteristic of the interview and the case studies helps in engaging the respondents in a more structured manner.

    The qualitative method of research is a major field of academic research study that helps ...

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