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    No relationship between customer satisfaction and loyalty

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    I need assistance on how to develop a Scientific Research Design for Hypothesis, "There is no relationship between customer satisfaction and customer loyalty."

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    Development of Scientific Research Design

    Scientific research design is a process that involves a number of related activities which are important to effectively complete a research that depends on some hypotheses. The diverse activities coincide regularly and they do not essentially pursue each other in any particular order but their effective completion requires a general order. Same is the case with the development of scientific research design for hypothesis, "There is no relationship between customer satisfaction and customer loyalty" that can also be carried out by following some particular steps which are as follows:

    1. Identification of Research Problem: At this step of Scientific Research Design we will try to identify the basic problem along with its understanding like by our given hypotheses we can confer that the basic research problem in this research is of finding out that does there exist any relationship between customer satisfaction and customer loyalty or not as both of these issues are of significant prominence for marketers in present competitive environment. At this stage we need to undertake a comprehensive consideration of the research problem.

    2. Wide-ranging literature review: At the second stage of scientific research development we need to undertake review of present ...

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    The solution examines the relationship between customer satisfaction and loyalty. A scientific research design for hypothesis is given.