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    Quantitative and Quantatitive Research Methods

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    When reviewing your topic of interest, are you finding that most of the research are quantitative or qualitative in nature? Pick one of your quantitative studies/sources of information. Tell us the problem statement of the study and provide us an overview of the research effort. Then tell us what kind of quantitative design is used and why it was chosen. Finally, provide details on what type of analysis was performed.

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    The quantitative study that has been picked is "The relationships of customer
    Satisfaction, customer loyalty, and profitability: an empirical study", Roger Hallowell, Retrieved on October 24, 2014, from: https://brainmass.com/file/329655/link_between_profit_and_customer_satisfaction.pdf

    Problem statement of the study:
    The problem statement is to illustrate the relationship of profitability to intermediate, customer-related outcomes that managers can influence directly. Specifically, this means that profitability is related to customer satisfaction and customer loyalty.

    An overview of the research effort:
    The research effort is that a quantitative analysis of one retail bank has been made. The study carries out ordinary least squares regression on cross sectional data. The study has ...

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