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    Research Methods

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    Need help in addressing the following question: Consider how qualitative and quantitative research methods complement one another, and consider the role of mixed methods designs. Would it ever be viable to consider only quantitative or only qualitative methods for a research study? How can mixed methods vs. single (qual-quan) methods extend our understanding of a research problem? Why would it be important for a researcher to be conversant in both quantitative and qualitative methods? How do your thoughts on these questions relate to your worldview? What strategies might you use to help you become more comfortable with or develop further expertise in mixed methods researchâ?"as a consumer and/or producer of research?

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    Qualitative and quantitative research methods complement each other, based on the fact that there is a need for the statistical computations that are developed using qualitative methods, as well as the theories that are developed from hands on interviews of focus groups, etc., that are provided by qualitative research methods, which makes mixed method designs very effective in today's research. I don't believe that it would be viable to consider only quantitative or qualitative methods for a ...