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Qualitative Research Methods & Lean Manufacturing

Creswell speaks to the value of qualitative research methods. How does Creswell establish qualitative is the most likely research approach for implementing lean manufacturing? Why would quantitative methods not suitable? Be sure to back this up with a source that supports your thoughts.

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Creswell (2009) explains the difference between qualitative and quantitative research as the use of words (qualitative) rather using numbers (quantitative). Creswell establishes qualitative research methods as the most likely type of research approach for implementing lean manufacturing because of its ability to give "greater flexibility...and expand options" (Watson, 2006, p. 75). Quantitative research methods are more narrowly focused, testing theory in a precise way. Quantitative research is often "framed around a mode of inquiry that involves experimentation" (Watson, 2006). Quantitative research tends to be more numerically based in comparison to qualitative research methods. Qualitative research methods allow a researcher to use ...

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This solution discusses the benefits of using qualitative research for implementing lean manufacturing, and why this is a more appropriate research method than quantitative research. It includes APA formatted references.