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How to reduce defects through six sigma - Lit Review

I need to complete a review of literature for my action research project and provide a summary of at least eight sources that I can use as references with 5 of them peer-reviewed journals. The action research project is "How to reduce defects through six sigma"

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Below is a list of peer-reviewed scholarly resources to assist you as you complete your literature review assignment. These resources range from the success of Six Sigma implementation and comparative benchmarks to how Six Sigma is applied for quality improvement measures.

1. Gupta, V., Acharya, P., Patwardhan, M. (2012) Monitoring Quality Goals Through Lean Six-Sigma Insures Competitiveness. Productivity and Performance Management 61.2, p. 194-203.

This article is an international account that addresses the overwhelming defects in radial tire manufacturers in India. The author aims to reveal various companies who are plagued with the issues of brand value erosion and decrease in financial performance. The author identifies successful determinants within the Indian industries used to identify the root cause of the problem.

"On the basis root-cause analysis of the radial tire manufacturing process, it was found that presence of foreign particles in the manufacturing environment, under-ageing and over-ageing of tire components, and inefficient bead winding process, were the main culprits of defects" (Gupta, Acharya, Patwardhan, 2012).

The author develops a compelling argument, which confirms that utilization of lean Six Sigma reduces the likelihood of defects.

2. Thawani, S. (2004) Total Quality Management & Business Excellence, Vol 15 Issue 5/6 p. 655-664 para. 10

In this article the author addresses the need to employ fundamental tools that would enable a company to achieve maximum performance in today's advanced digital age. The author mentions how organizations are mostly concerned with competitiveness, accuracy, speed, cost-effectiveness, profits, and customer satisfaction. "Sigma is a Greek alphabet character and the sigma value indicates how often defects are likely to occur. Six Sigma's target is to achieve less than 3.4 defects or errors ...

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The expert determines how to reduce defects through using the six sigma methods.