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Manufacturing and Customer Service department of Toyota

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This is part of a research paper. The research paper is to apply SIX SIGMA to the Manufacturing and Customer Service department of Toyota. Toyota was chosen due to the current quality problems of their cars.

In the research paper, SIX SIGMA quality improvement should be applied to the Manufacturing and Customer Service of Toyota.

In the Literature Review, please address:

1.- Significance of the topic: Why is it worth studying quality initiatives and quality improvement? Why is it worth studying quality initiatives and quality improvement in the case of Toyota's current situation?

2.- Why is it important to study quality initiatives such as SIX SIGMA?.
3.- What is the relevance of the SIX SIGMA as a quality initiative in today's world?
4. - What are the best practices to make SIX SIGMA successful?
5. - What are some mistakes in implementing or controlling SIX SIGMA?

This literature review should address every single point. Thanks for helping me get started!!

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The expert examines manufacturing and customer service department of Toyota.

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Hello, please find the guidelines for Six-Sigma Quality Improvements for Toyota in the **attached file**.


Six-Sigma Quality Improvements for Toyota

Literature Review
Significant of Quality Initiatives and Quality Improvement
Innovation of the latest technologies has changed the perspective of the business organizations. The production system and manufacturing department of Toyota uses an integrated technical system (Antony, 2007). This facility of Toyota is the combination of logistics manufacturers and interaction with the customers and suppliers. Presently, the world has become highly competitive and changing, which is one of the main reasons that the current quality served by the Toyota.
According to the journal article given by Ali Uyar, understanding of quality initiative and quality improvement is significant for the business organizations. The author has researched in this article that quality initiatives are directly proportional to the financial performance of the company (Uyar, 2008). The use of these quality initiatives will result in continuous efforts to decrease the variations in process outputs. The business processes can be measured, analyzed, improved and controlled with it.
For achieving sustained quality improvement, it is required that the entire organization is committed, especially the top management (Morris, 2008). Presently, Toyota production system uses various concepts and quality initiatives such as "jidoka", just in time, lean manufacturing, etc. Now the standard of the quality has become changed and these concepts need improvement. The quality initiatives are significant for Toyota because it increases the ability of Toyota Production System and Manufacturing Facilities.
These initiatives refer the quality programs, certification, awards, tools and methodologies, etc., to improve the quality of the organization. Studying quality initiative and quality improvement is essential for the production system of Toyota to serve high quality automobiles to the customers (Tennant, 2001).
The ability of highly capable processes to produce output within specification refers to "six-sigma". Processes that use the six-sigma quality, produce at defect levels less than 3.4 defects per (one) million opportunities (DPMO) (Six-sigma - What is Six-sigma, 2008). The word sigma means a numerical term that evaluates how far a given process deviates from perfection. Six-Sigma technology basically focuses on systematically improving processes by eliminating defects. It uses statistical processes to manage the quality of the processes (Antony, 2007). The wide-spread applications of six-sigma are fully enjoyed by many sectors of industry and this would also assist Toyota to solve the current problem of quality and strong relationship with the customers.
Importance of Six-Sigma Quality Initiative
Six-Sigma projects carried out within an organization follow a defined sequence of steps and have quantified financial targets. In present era, the competitive environment leaves no room for error (Antony, 2004). Organizations persistently look for new ways to exceed the expectation of the customers. This is why Six-sigma Quality has turned into a part of organizational culture. The central idea behind implementation of Six Sigma is to determine how many defects are there in a process, so that they can be systematically figured out, eliminated and there are zero defects (Tennant, 2001). Toyota is one of the biggest companies in manufacturing industry. The basic objectives of Six-Sigma is to improve customer satisfaction, reduce the cycle time and reducing the defects (Pande & Holpp, 2001).
The administration team of the company applies the methodology of six-sigma with the integration of project execution methodology, which helps the company to satisfy the needs of the customer with the alignment of the various business operations (Morris, 2008). In the life cycle of software development, the model of six-sigma is also proposed by the company to convey inflexibility in the processes of effective up-stream. The implementation of ...

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