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Total Quality Management As Determined By Six Sigma

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Please assist in this matter:
1. How are organizations using six sigma? How do they incorporate six sigma into a total quality program?

2. Do some research on three or four companies that have six sigma programs. Discuss the business and management aspects of implementing and managing a Six Sigma Total Quality Program.

3. Find out some history about their programs, how well are they working?

4. What management issues have been resolved? Discuss the who, what, when, where, how and why.

5. Discuss the who, what, when, where, how and why managing a successful Six Sigma program. Use the information about the companies that you gained from your research

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Consider the primary goal for using six sigma is for identifying opportunities with the potential amount of defects, in doing so, the ratio closes to a six ratio indicates successful productivity performance output. Management is able to determining key strategies in fixing the defects to reducing any defects that influences product production within an organization efficiency goals output. Try and think of company's strategies for using six sigma within the TQP by listing the prior year's opportunities with last year defects to structure a plan of action for improvement going forward.

The CTQ (customer total of quality) is also essential in output measure for excellence for reaching targeted goals based measured by the six sigma objective of 3.4 defect per million opportunities (DPMO). The TQP is usually internal design model by management outlining key areas of focused where opportunities exist and quality concerns can negatively impact the overall goal initiatives. The standardized processes can offer key metrics for using six sigma protocols that supports a structure concept to actually measure the quality function deployment (QFD) in reaching goals.

Try and think of fortune 500 companies with larger operations for managing both domestic and globally - that requires strategic application in perfecting the product output of operations. In design, the Pepsi Corporation had challenges in product development to assure quality levels support the brand initiative for value and nutritional savings superior to competitors. The senior ...

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Reviews quality management of mega corporations with regards to the six sigma measurement protocols.

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