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Quality Management System

Explain how your quality management system will benefit the organization:

Explain how the six sigma system will benefit Sony.

Quality management system: Six Sigma System
Organization: Sony

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Six Sigma is a quality management system that is a highly disciplined process that can make a company focus on developing almost-perfect products and services. Six Sigma is applied not only to manufacturing processes but also to all the important business processes. In the traditional view, Sig Sigma has been used first in the manufacturing because it focuses on defect detection but when corporations such as General Electric and Sony started applying Six Sigma into their service transaction processes, Six Sigma has become a system that can be used in almost all companies because it can improve the performance in transactional and service environments.

Sony is an electronics giant which has been enjoying a global reputation for product excellence. Sony has used Six Sigma when it started undergoing a modification of its operations that can help transform Sony from being an electronics manufacturer into a personal network solution company because it was determined to combine its strong hardware electronics business with personalized content so that they can be made available to their potential target market through the Internet. Sony used the Six Sigma as one of the three core strategic initiative in achieving this corporate goal.

Sony's main objective in using Six Sigma model is not only to further improve the quality of its products but also to improve its management performance. It has customized Six Sigma to fit in to these objectives. Through the use of Sony Six Sigma (SSS) methodology, management has learned to reduce daily operational expenses and lower the risk in decision making. Sony has gained more than 30 billion yen in just three ...

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