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Quality Program Planning

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Develop a plan for implementing a quality program at Excellent. This program would begin by focusing on the product quality and manufacturing and eventually include some form of total quality for the whole company.

Tell me what your plan would look like for developing a quality program and Quality Department.

What are the goals and objectives of the program? What are the phases you would plan for? What kind of time frame do you envision? What would be the organizational structures and jobs? What are the quality processes you would put into place?

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Quality System implementation plan
Top management commitment
Establish implementation team
Start quality system awareness program
Conduct initial status survey
Create a documented implementation plan
Develop quality management system documentation
Follow procedures for Document Control
Monitor implementation program
Internal quality audit
Management review
Continual Improvement

-Assess Top Management Commitment
The key to change is to have everyone work together to achieve it. This begins with management.
Assess the commitment of top management.
Get ideas and suggestions
Make a plan of goals and expectations
Review and confirm commitment
Establish Implementation Team
-Establish a team of leaders to work toward the system changes.
Communication leaders
Technical and expertise leaders
Establish commitment from each of these leaders
-Start Quality Improvement Awareness Program
Create a program outline
Communicate the plan and necessary responsibilities
Issue official communication of information on how the quality system will improve the company and the workers jobs, including job security
Use leaders to spread the awareness program
Create a training program outline
Begin training the leaders
Train management and workers in the system, the responsibilities, and the new processes
-Conduct Initial Status Survey
Create organizational ...

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