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Audit program: can it be standardized for an industry?

Should an audit firm use the same audit program for all companies in the same industries?

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No, they do not, but audit firms do have standardized programs for common procedures. For example, auditing cash accounts usually always includes confirmation of balances with the financial institution, and in that respect, the audit step is the same.

The real answer to your question is that audits are customized to the client based on many factors including, but not limited to the client's business, size, industry, past history, product type and the quality of internal control.

This is the planning stage of an audit. It starts with a meeting with the client to develop an understanding of the scope of the services, the ...

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The 390 word solution discusses how an audit program is written including the considerations and information determined in the early planning stages of an audit. The solution lists 7 items for discussion with management which provide a foundation for a preliminary audit program.