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Improving manufacturing operations

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The manufacturing division's workforce has been working overtime and is still unable to meet deadlines. After production runs, there is an overage of some parts which now have to be stocked and a shortage of other parts. How can the workflow be streamlined for Going? Use problem identification and decision making tools as appropriate. Be sure to focus on production planning, capacity, and inventory management. Include an explanation and a suggested process improvement for each problem, along with diagram or mapping as needed.

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Improving manufacturing operations

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1) Product Design Strategy:
Have a joint review of all designs by a cross-functional team including marketing, supply chain, manufacturing, engineering, and finance to determine if the planes are not over engineered, offering more than what customers really value and want. Also, determine what options really make sense and eliminate the rest.

2) Quality:
Modify all designs for manufacturability. Increase first pass yield to 100% by instituting a quality assurance program that builds quality into the process, decrease variability with Six Sigma programs, change the attitude of the work force by motivating them in the right ways to look at everything from a quality perspective.

3) Process:
Increase productivity by increasing first pass yield and overall quality. Design the aircraft for manufacturability with modular designs and standardization. Bring suppliers into the equation and find ways they can help improve the design and increase manufacturing efficiency. Perhaps investment must be made in plant and equipment and adding shifts to increase output. But this should be done after all other efforts at increasing productivity and quality have been done.

4) Location:
Co-locate headquarters, warehousing, and plant into one location. This ...

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