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    Quality Improvement Implemetation for Hartman Indusustries

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    Review the Hartman Industries, LLC web page by following the link on the website. For the purposes of this assignment, assume you have been selected to draft a proposal with recommendations to improve the company's manufacturing processes.

    Write a proposal suggesting a quality system to the management team of Hartman Industries, LLC. Complete the following in your proposal:

    o Identify a quality management system for process or organizational improvement and summarize the requirements of the chosen system.

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    //In the following paper we will learn about the manufacturing process of Hartman industries. We will also learn about what the organization should do in order to improve its business processes with the help of quality management system. The paper will also tell what quality management system the organization should adopt.//

    Quality management system process is a method by which an organization can easily improve its processes. It is a part of quality management system and is a business excellence process. This process will be very useful in improving processes of Hartman industries. Hartman industries are the leader of plastic injection molding industry. It specializes in creating innovative plastic designs and has earned international acclaim for these designs. The attributes which give competitive edge to this organization are attention to detail, good quality control standards and precision in work. If quality management system processes are applied to this organization then the organization can further improve its processes (Gitlow, 2001)

    The organization has incorporated the use of best practices and components in ...

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    The response addresses the queries posted in 769 words with references.