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    Total Quality Management (TQM) Survey Paper

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    Total Quality Management (TQM) Survey Paper

    1) Manufacturing
    2) Service
    3) Non-profit

    Research one organization representing each sector. Prepare a 1,900-2,100-word paper in which you explain the value of quality in relationship to customer satisfaction within the three organizations/sectors that you have selected and be sure to include a description of the need for customer-driven quality for each of the organizations. Include a matrix that outlines the differences between the strategic role of TQM within each of your chosen organizations/sectors. Finally, assess the importance of leadership within each of your organizations as it relates to quality.

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    // Before providing a guideline about the Total Quality Management, it is necessary to understand the main concept behind it because to derive continuous success and improvement, it is necessary for the companies to focus on quality and in this concern, TQM has a wider role to play. So here I will describe about Total Quality Management in three different sectors. Before moving further lets begin with introduction.//


    Total Quality Management is often denoted by 'TQM', which is defined as the set of management practices followed all through the organization, which aim at ensuring that customer requirements are met consistently or in other words, it exceeds the needs of a customer. Total Quality Management lays strong emphasis on the process measurement and also provides assurance regarding continuous improvement.

    //The above description clearly explains the core concept of TQM. Now to get a wider view of TQM, I am explaining its role in the manufacturing sector, as under: //

    TQM in Manufacturing Sector:

    It has been observed that the major concern for the companies in the manufacturing sector is about their quality, regardless of the department in which it is operating. The reason being that overall quality is capable of influencing relationships with the customers and in this sector, customers play a vital role. Fundamentally, in the manufacturing sector, if customers are not satisfied with the quality, they would surely divert their attention to another company (competitors). This infers that the company will suffer with an ultimate loss in terms of the sales and overall profits. On the other hand, if the customers are satisfied with the quality, they will certainly respond back over and over again, which in turn will enhance the sales and pick up overall profits.

    Thus, companies in this sector are required to focus on the proper implementation of the total quality management program. Below are some major points, which explain how TQM is associated with the customer satisfaction:

    Firstly, in the manufacturing sector it has been observed that rate of employee turnover is very high. Thus, one of the major goals of TQM is to improve the work environment, which not only assist in retaining the employees; but also in turn contributes in customer satisfaction; as when employees are happy, they make their customers delighted.

    Secondly, total quality management has a positive impact on the manufacturing plant for the reason that it guides in improving the original product. Part of the process of TQM commences by grabbing the sample randomly and examining those samples for the features that are highly valuable from the customers perspective. A point that should always be kept in by companies in this sector is that product failures should not only be secluded and withdrawn; rather they should be utilized in the form of learning tools, so that the company can formulate better products. Methods that can be employed with total quality management in improving product are through the evaluation of rules, which explains whether the product is satisfactory or not. Apart from this, by taking the help of research and development, it is easy to work with the team of product testing to judge whether the concepts are consistent with the possibilities for performance or not (Total quality management's effect on the manufacturing industry, 2009).

    Thirdly, total quality management has a big role to play in the profit maximization, thus, it is necessary to improve the assembly line. And the appropriate means to enhance profit and assembly line is to recover the welfare of individuals in the organizations dealing in manufacturing sector. Hence, improvement in the quality would bring in ...

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