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    Strategic Planning Analysis: Nintendo & Wal-Mart

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    Hope you can help me prepare this paper.

    Prepare a paper in which you evaluate an organization's mission, vision, goals, and objectives and discuss the relationship between quality and each of the following ...

    a. Compare and contrast the management style at your organization with the management style at an organization that has adopted Total Quality Management.

    b. Discuss the characteristics of other organization's Total Quality Management style and compare those characteristics with the agency you
    choose organization.

    c. Discuss the extent to which the other organizations TQM practices could be integrated into your organization.

    Thank you.

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    The solution is a comprehensive word document that discusses the principles of TQM or Total Quality Management and applies this to a Strategic Planning Analysis of these companies - Walmart and Nintendo in a Matrix whereby the companies' Vision/Mission/Goals, Management Styles, TQM Styles and Prominent strategies are presented side by side for comparison and analyzed in relation to TQM principles. The solution follows the APA-format and references are provided.