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Strategic Procurement and Manufacturing

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There is a multidimensional focus on procurement and manufacturing. I need help addressing how Wal-Mart's procurement and marketing strategies affect manufacturing organizations.

How can strategic procurement contribute to the quality of products produced by a manufacturing organization?

How does a firm's marketing strategy impact its decision regarding the appropriate manufacturing strategy?

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Strategic procurement and manufacturing is examined. How a firm's marketing strategy impacts its decision regarding the appropriate manufacturing strategy.

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Please find help and some guidelines for answering questions related to strategic procurement and manufacturing below. The content below has been written to get you started on this assignment. This has been written to help you with this particular problem and its use is limited as such. The content of the solution must not therefore be passed on as your own work for grading or commercial purposes. You can also use the listed resources to explore your topic further.

Effect of Procurement and Marketing Strategies

Procurement is a functional process in which an organization internally pays attention on product development, marketing, operation and distribution of products to fulfill the customer requests in given time and to earn more profits. At the same time, externally, procurement is concerned with coordination with the suppliers, vendors, manufacturers, transportation and distributors for raw materials to final products for customer perspective to sell the products effectively and efficiently (Weele, 2009). In this concern, Wal-Mart has effective procurement and marketing strategies that affect manufacturing organization at large extent and provides effective direction to compete in competitive market of manufacturing sector. Wal-Mart owns procurement and marketing strategy such as planning, sourcing, making, delivering, and returning in supply chain management, which are effective to reduce the cost burden of manufacturing organizations and providing them more profits. It also helps them to achieve the other common goals such as increasing market share, brand image, product value and competitive advantage as they enable to know the future demand, which increases their production efficiency (Wal-Mart, 2012).

Further, Wal-Mart uses latest advanced technology in every sphere of working process in its business operation. The computerized process for record keeping of individual stores with small billing machines maintain large databases of information and records. Powerful computer network with high performance clusters maintain and store the important data that helps to ...

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