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Personal Strategic Plan

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Using the step by step model for strategic planning, prepare a strategic plan for yourself.

Indicate your mission, do an internal analysis, an external analysis, a SWOT and end with conclusions and recommendations for yourself.

My Career goal is to become a Supply Chain Analyst or Manager, I am taking my last class for my BS, Business, Master of Human Resources. I plan to get my CPIM designation and Six Sigma Green Belt, in early 2012.


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To have the skills, experience, and qualifications to reach the position of supply chain manager and become a very successful supply chain manager.

Internal Analysis:

From 2003 to today, I have the experience that is necessary to become a good supply chain manager. Apart from experience, I will also get my BS, Business, Master of Human Resources. My CRM designation and Six Sigma Green Belt in 2012 will add to my qualifications. In my very first position, I was responsible for receiving a variety of parts, maintaining a database of inventor, and dealt with distribution centers. During my second job in Coca-Cola company, I was directly involved with manufacturing. And my current job as coordinator shipping directly supports my mission and goals.

The weaknesses are that my Master's degree is in Human Resources, and a part of my experience is in manufacturing.

External analysis:

The external environment has several opportunities that I can avail myself of. According to Bureau of ...

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