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Implementing a Strategic Plan with Senior Level Management

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Part of successfully implementing a strategic plan is involving everyone in the organization in the plan. You work as an admission coordinator for an assisted living facility that just enacted its 5-year strategic plan. However, no one has communicated any of the components of the plan to any departments, including yours. Instead, management has chosen to include only senior-level management.

What do you think of this implementation approach?

Do you think it will be an effective strategy? Why or why not?

What could be done differently to ensure the successful implementation of the assisted living facility's strategic plan?

Please direct comments specifically to an assisted living facility's characteristics and how a strategic plan might be implemented in such an organization.

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What do you think of this implementation approach?

This type of approach is one that is implemented when the executives of an organization wish to control every aspect of the business. The executives do not always know what is going on at the lower employee level especially if they have never worked in assisted living. As the admission coordinator, I would need to know any changes that are being discussed as it may affect not only current residents but also any future ones. Being the admission coordinator requires the following:
- Admissions
- Tours
- Acquiring the data needed from applicants for the approval of admission
- Gives information and resources to the new resident
- Ensures paperwork is done
- Supplies evaluation checklists for each apartment
- Keeps department heads apprised of move in and out dates
- Other duties for the operation of the facility
Basically the above are the duties and without communication, if I am the admissions coordinator, I ...

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