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Strategic Planning in Management

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What can strategic planners do to combat or manage the strategic implementation component of the strategic management process?

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Strategic planning in management are examined.

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The strategic planner will need to implement the following strategies to ensure success: communicating, measurements, training and change management. The first step is to create energy and a buzz throughout the organization with an effective communication plan. An example of a communication plan is hoopla-a total communication effort. The plan consists of creating slogans, posters, events, memos, videos (The information was obtained at http://www.referenceforbusiness.com/management/Sc-Str/Strategy-Implementation.html 'Strategy Implementation'), small group meetings and town hall meetings. The key to the communication plan is to ensure senior management buys into the strategy. The key is to have other key leaders as champions of the soon to be implemented strategy. After successfully ...

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