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Three Levels of Management

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Imagine yourself as the executive manager of an organization. You are responsible for establishing the three levels of management and how each level functions in the organization. One of the executive board members does not agree with having three levels of management. How would you justify to the executive board that three levels of management should be implemented in the organization? In your initial post, please include an explanation of the function that each level performs and why it is important.

Plunkett, W. R., Allen, G. S., & Attner, R.F (2013). Management: Meeting and exceeding customer expectations (10th ed.). Mason, OH : South-Western Cengage Learning.
Guided Response:
Respond to at least two of your classmates' posts. Evaluate their discussions by agreeing, disagreeing, or adding other ideas to strengthen or enhance the perspectives presented in their initial posts.

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Three levels of management is necessary for an organization to implement the strategic plans of an organization in an efficient and effective manner. Top level management in the three level management system is responsible for formulation and overseeing of the strategic plans of the organization. Top level management sets the direction of the organization's strategic plan towards the achievement of strategic goals, mission and vision of the organization. They ...

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Discusses the three levels of management.

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