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    Organizational Structure: HCO

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    A local healthcare group employs 72 healthcare professionals and workers.

    material on span of supervision contained in Chapter 12, draw three supervision charts.
    i. The first chart should show one level of management, with one manager
    ii. The second chart should show two levels of management, with four managers
    iii. The third chart should show three levels of management, with 13 managers

    In a two-page essay, describe the pros and cons associated with each of these three supervisory structures

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    Step 1
    First chart with one level of management with one manager:

    Second chart with two levels of management with four managers:

    Third chart with three levels of management with thirteen managers:

    Step 2
    The first chart shows one level of management with one manager. If the organization has 72 professionals and workers, this means that the manager has between six and seven professionals or workers reporting to him. The chart shows seven workers reporting to the manager. The pros of such a structure are if the manager is an effective leader the seven professionals or workers will perform well. Further, each worker reporting to the manager will remain focused on his task. In addition, if there is any decision to be made the professionals or workers, they can get the decision from the manager. This structure can provide consistency and uniformity throughout the organization. The cons of this structure are that there is little ...

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