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Leading a Migration Plan

Who should lead the migration plan from an existing process to an automated one for the department? What are the qualities to look for in the leader and why?

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In this paper, we will be discussing who should lead the migration plan for adopting new technology automated system in place of existing and traditional system. We will also study the issues involved in implementing this plan such as business value, critical success factors, performance criteria etc, which will help the project manager make the project successful.

The term "migration plan" refers to the shifting of an existing integrated system software to a modern, more flexible system. The migration plan helps the organization to become relevant and sustainable in a new technological environment. It requires effective planning from the senior level to the bottom level of management. In this plan, top executives build the plan and communicate with the IT staff specially project manager. The project manager acts as a leader in implementing the designed migration plan. This plan is designed on the basis of the existing plan, so that the project manager executes ...

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