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Web Infrastructure Improvement Project

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The firm will focus on gathering information necessary to meet requirement of web hosting through assessment while making recommendation to create policies and procedure to address organization web hosting needs in several locations within the organization. The Project Manager will work with stakeholders and every team member to identify best alternatives through outsourcing and as soon as the proposal is made and endorsed the migration and placement of new service will be finalized.

Project Duration: 12 months

I need help to develop a fictitious small acquisition project schedule using MS Project (tasks, predecessors, duration, and resources assigned). I need a schedule and Gantt chart, and a critical path network diagram.

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Based on the information provided, I am assuming that the scope of this project and schedule is to get an outsource contract out the door to support implementation of web hosting for several locations within the organization. In addition, this project's primary objective is to conduct the analysis and assessment activities and provide a proposal with recommendations: (1) top vendor for outsourcing and (2) policies and processes to support web hosting. Based on the scope of the project, the project team would be pretty small. Recommended resources for the project would most likely be limited to a Project Manager who would handle most of the scoping and management activities, a business analysis who would be responsible for gathering ...

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