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    Information Technology Consulting Firm: business plan

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    I have to write a 2800 word paper on a made up IT consulting company. A business plan on what the company will provide. Such as:

    Systems Analysis and Design
    Networking and Telecommunications

    The paper must include:

    Name of the consulting firm
    Description of the consulting firm
    Description of services
    Identify consulting firm personnal and job titles

    Request an outline of a business plan that I can write the paper and any suggestions. Also include a matrix to identify needed skills based on education and experience to staff the consulting firm.

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    Name of the consulting firm : Solutions
    Description of the consulting firm

    Solutions is a leading management, technology, and policy consulting firm. Drawing upon extensive industry knowledge, distinguished professionals, and innovative analytics, the firm develops solutions to complex Systems Analysis and Design Programming Databases Networking and telecommunications and Web issues.
    Solution's approach to these issues is strengthened by its expertise in information technology, organizational improvement, program management, and communications.
    Description of services
    System Analysis
    Solutions Systems's project managers are well experienced in different business domains and in IT domain as well. Their primary objective is to provide communication between the client and the developers to realize all the expectation with highest quality possible. Project managers conduct project information gathering, coordinate the teamwork, follow the budget and the project plan fulfillment. The major manager's responsibilities zones are:
    Project Infrastructure Definition
    Quality Management
    Technical Analysis
    Due to the analytical activities of the project manager We will receive detailed specifications that underlie the whole project afterwards.
    Risks Analysis
    The risks analysis, being a part of the Solutions project management, allows increasing project effectiveness. We will try to find all the trouble spots, whether these are the terms in the project plan, accessibility of the recourses, the project objectives and tasks. We will determine all the external factors that influence the project effectiveness, both positive and negative.
    The analysis results in a document listing and grouping all risks to facilitate their further reviews. These risks include factors of time, resource accessibility, costs, managerial and political risks, etc. Having created such a list Solutions are able to work out a risks overcoming program to diminish their influence degree on the total project success.
    Project Infrastructure Definition
    Solutions create the project infrastructure, within which further development shall be conducted.
    The thoroughly verified infrastructure together with verified methodology facilitates the project management process.
    Every project comprises a set or sets of actions. Some of actions can be interrelated. To follow and manage these relations means to determine dramatic spots of the project.
    Task Duration
    It is always a challenge to determine task duration. First of all, it is our experience that helps us in doing it. We will determine the most realistic duration for the largest part of the project, surely, allowing for an error.
    Fulfillment of some project tasks obviously relies on the fulfillment of the foregoing ones. In line with our methodology Solutions will spot such tasks and plan our resources in such a way to prevent conflicts in such dependences. The status of such tasks is followed with special care to avoid delays in terms.
    Resource Management
    Our methodology is created with the main aim to make sure that our resources are at hand and sufficient to prevent project failure risks. The resources mean here material, human, and financial ones.
    Personnel Management
    When appointing a person to the project team, the most professional one with the background skills that suits the project or a project task best, is definitely selected.
    Work Load Management
    Our methodology was created directly to have the possibility to feel the pulse of the project. Everyone knows that the main characteristics of the project are the costs and terms. We will use tasks assignments for all significant project tasks, stating the functionality, terms and costs to manage the above characteristics.
    Following ...

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