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1. Prepare a market-attractiveness/competitive-position matrix for the segment 2. Write a positioning statement and a value proposition for the product(s) to be marketed

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Marketing Strategy by Walker and Mullins (2011).

1. Identify the primary target market for a consulting firm to be marketed using demographic, geographic, and/or behavioral descriptors. Identify the key benefits the product delivers to the market and the features that deliver these benefits. Prepare a market-attractiveness/competitive-position matrix for the segment.

2. Write a position statement and a value proposition for the consulting firm to be marketed. Construct one or more perceptual maps or a value curve to clarify its positioning versus competitors.

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Market-attractiveness and competition-position matrix for the segments are examined.

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I have outlined a response for you. This is a relatively simple assignment, but needs careful consideration when forming the matrix and value curve. I can help with that, once you have created the matrix or completed the rest of the assignment. A consulting firm has to be able to do many things, and all of them should be above average in performance of each thing. Where they are not, they need to know who and where to delegate to reach the goal of the company. This is probably one of the most difficult of the business choices one could make. Take the outline presented here and put it in the order you need, then select the categories you want to use for the matrix. Create the matrix (I can help once you have the information in the order you prefer and using the choices you consider important or viable for marketing.), then ...

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