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New Product Marketing Plan Outline

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Select a 1) real, emerging, or imaginary; 2) product or service; 3) for profit or non-profit. The product may be anywhere in the life cycle from innovation to maturity.

For this product please provide the following:

- Outline: New Product Marketing Plan
- Organizational mission statement
- Identify which type of business unit strategy to be used by your organization

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Solution Summary

This solution provides a 3 page outline for a new product marketing plan. The selected product is Scentsy Wickless Candles. This solution can serve as a template for a marketing plan. In addition, the solutions provides an organizational mission statement for the selected product and identifies a business unit strategy for the product.

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Product- Scentsy
• Scentsy is a real for-profit product (www.scentsy.net)
• Scentsy are flameless candles -

New Product Marketing Plan Outline:

Product Description
o What is Scentsy?
o How does Scentsy work?
• Burners
• Wax
o Mission Statement
o Business Unit (Differentiation) Strategy

Market & Industry Analysis
o Candle Industry (http://candles.org/about_facts.html)
• Sales
• Growth
• Innovation
• Key product segments
• Sub segment summary of wickless candles
o Air Freshener Industry
• Sales
• Growth
• Innovation
• Key product segments
• Sub segment summary of oil burners
• Market Research Plan

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