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    Organization SWOTT Differs From a Product/Service SWOTT

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    Can you please help me understand how an organizational SWOTT differ from a product/service SWOTT analysis?

    What might happen if the marketing plan is in conflict with the organizational strategy?

    Lastly, how do environmental factors influence an organization's marketing strategy?

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    The SWOT analysis provides information that should help in matching an organization resources and capabilities to the competitive environment in which it operates.

    Therefore, either organizational or product/service SWOTT refers to the following:
    (S) Strengths are the positive internal capabilities that give an organization or product/service a strategic advantage
    (W) Weaknesses are the liabilities or limitations that the organization or product/service currently possess that prevents it from effectively achieving ...

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    The solution discusses how an organizational SWOTT differ from a product/service SWOTT analysis.