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SWOTT Analysis

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In 350 words please answer the 4 questions: What is a SWOTT Analysis? What is its (a SWOTT Analysis) purpose in strategic planning? Do you have to conduct a SWOTT Analysis to have an effective strategic plan? Why or why not?

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This solution looks at what a SWOTT Analysis includes, and addresses how it relates to strategic management.

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A SWOTT Analysis contains 5 parts:

"Strengths: Research what separates your organization from its competition. What do you do well? Do you provide great customer service? Are you the only dominant player in town? Does your company have a solid reputation for service and follow-up?

Weaknesses: Research your company's limitations. Are long-term customers going elsewhere, and if so, why? Is customer service slipping? Does the organization have a limited market niche, limited product offerings or ...

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