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    Discussion: SWOTT Analysis

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    What is a SWOTT analysis? What is its purpose in strategic planning? Do you have to conduct a SWOTT analysis to have an effective strategic plan? Why or why not?

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    A SWOTT analysis is a strategy used to match an organization's Strengths and Weaknesses with the Opportunities, Threats, and Trends in its task environment.

    The purpose of the SWOTT analysis in strategic planning is to create an effective strategy for the organization by looking outside the organization for threats, opportunities, and trends, and looking inside the organization for strengths and weaknesses (Harvard Business School Press, 2006).

    An organization does have to conduct a SWOTT analysis in order to have an effective strategic plan. This is where the organization's core competencies, skills, and capabilities are identified in order for it to come up with an ...

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    The solution examines SWOTT analysis for strategic planning. Whether to conduct SWOTT analysis to have an effective strategic plan is determined.