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    Business Development Manager Business Plan

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    2014 Business Plan
    Business Development Manager
    July 14, 2014

    Provide new revenue growth to Xtreme Consulting by providing solutions to client's business problems through the Xtreme Consulting solution set.
    As a new Business Development Manager, I will introduce Xtreme Consulting to new organizations, assess their needs, and position Xtreme and their solutions as a way to build relationships and increase revenue.
    Attain annual quota of $2 Million
     Develop target divisions within Microsoft based on existing and company targets.
     Develop target companies to expand customer base outside of Microsoft.
     Look for opportunities that are a good fit for both the customer and Xtreme.
     Fill my funnel with solid opportunities for current and future revenue.
     Develop minimum margin target expectations.
     Look for opportunities to sell full portfolio of solutions.
     Exploit existing projects to find additional opportunities.
     Build relationships with Recruiting and Solutions Architect teams and understand what is important to them to promote growth and partnership.
     Work to understand the unique business processes within Xtreme.

     Target minimum four new meetings per week.
     Identify opportunities for new technology solutions.
     Target existing contacts/my network.
     Target higher business levels within organizations.
     Build upon relationships within Procurement.
     Attend events - user groups, trade shows, vendor sponsored events.
     Differentiate Xtreme Consulting from other vendors - build my story.
     Become a trusted technology partner for new customer base.
     Continue to build upon my existing network.
     Look for opportunities to partner with other vendors where it makes sense.
     Work the logical sales process.
     Attend team meetings.

    Prospecting - Areas of focus:
     Work within assigned territory to develop it to its fullest potential.
     Leverage existing relationships to get into accounts.
     Call on a combination of existing and prospective accounts.
     Target departments and companies that make sense given the solution set.
     Develop new business through research - LinkedIn, news articles, quarterly reports, org charts, Jigsaw, etc.
     Work with Business Development Director, Recruiting Team, Practice Area Leaders, and Executive level individuals to strategize on accounts, targets, solutions, and opportunities.
     Expand existing business through in-person calls to high volume accounts and accounts with potential for increased business.
     Document all activities and contact information in CRM while completing all necessary sales reports in a timely manner and review with the Business Development Director on a regular basis.

    Development and Delivery
     Assess need, engage delivery and recruiting team, organize, and coordinate projects from scratch.
     Work with my delivery team to scope projects, attain pricing, and deliver presentations and proposals to prospects. Use my resources wisely to work toward the attainment of new revenue.
     Involve Solution Architects, Practice Area Leaders, and Executive Team within customer opportunities.
     Support contract monitoring in an effort to achieve a high success record on national, regional and area contracts.
     Develop and present customer presentations generally in pursuit of contract award.
     Conduct Quarterly Reviews with major clients.
     Entertain clients commensurate to volume of business.
     Promote our services at every opportunity and devise creative ways to win business.
     Develop strategies to keep ahead of the competition.
     Promote the growth of the entire company by involvement in projects and/or outsourcing opportunities with extremely high revenue potential.

    Sales Goals
    $2 Mil in new business development
    I will accomplish this by continuing to fill my funnel with solid opportunities:
     Maintaining strong activities
     Prospecting daily
     Finding new and creative ways to get customer meetings
     Involving solution architects in developing proposals
     Delivering presentation and proposals and closing sales
     Differentiate Xtreme Consulting from other solutions providers
     Track all relevant activities weekly in CRM.
    The targeted list is based on existing relationships, good contacts, potential good solution fit, and perceived customer need. I will review and strategize with the Director of Business Development to develop this list and focus the targets. This will be an organic list that will change as time progresses:
    Microsoft Disney
    Alaska Airlines Expedia
    Amazon Nordstrom
    AT&T Paccar
    Boeing Starbucks
    Costco T-Mobile

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    2014 Business Plan
    Business Development Manager
    August 14, 2014

    The main objective of the plan is to increase the billings of Xtreme Consulting by independently bringing in new business to the consultancy.
    I will introduce the services of Xtreme Consulting to large and reputed organizations. I will showcase the power and the ability of the Xtreme Consulting solution set to these organizations. I will demonstrate through presentations and interviews how the Xtreme Consulting solution set can satisfy their needs in an efficient and cost effective manner. Using this approach I will attain the annual quota of $2 million.


    I will examine the business processes in Xtreme and identify its strengths and weaknesses. Also, I will list the strong points of Xtreme Consulting and highlight them during my presentations to target companies. I will explore the current portfolio of Xtreme and identify opportunities within the portfolio.
    I will develop a list of prospective customers, obtain an interview with them, and personally explain to them how Xtreme can help them solve their problems. During the interview, I will identify their needs and offer specific solutions that will address their needs. In addition, I will attempt to get at least one assignment during the very first interview. Otherwise, I will discuss areas where I can visit them for further discussion and firm contracts.
    I will carry out an analysis of information collected during the interviews so that further opportunities for solving problems ...

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