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    Development plan organizations

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    Create your own development plan as it applies to the current organization with which you are involved. In your plan, address your plan objectives, the content of your plan, and the development activities.

    Keep the following in mind:
    •You are writing your own development plan. First, complete an assessment of your professional needs and/or deficiencies and career plans (e.g., complete MBA degree) and then write the plan. Assume you are submitting the development plan to your faculty member, the manager.

    All I need is 4 page only, With Abstract.

    No citations or references are required. This should be an honest assessment of your professional needs/deficiencies and career plans. It can be written in a paragraph form.

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    //Development plan is a structured way of describing one's goals and objectives in order to reach higher levels in occupational areas. In this respect, the following section elaborates the career development plan of a marketing executive, who aspires to become a marketing manager.//


    In order to survive and flourish in any organization, an individual needs to identify his areas of improvements and develop a strategic plan towards the achievement of the defined aims and objectives. In this respect, I would like to describe my development plan, which is oriented towards the accomplishment of my career aim. Currently, I am working as a Marketing Executive in XYZ organization, and my aim is to become a Marketing Manager in my organization for which I would like to construct a development plan. Before the development of a career plan, I have undertaken a need assessment to analyze my professional needs and deficiencies. Thus, this development plan has been constructed after focusing on the various aspects of my professional and career plans.


    I am working as a Marketing Executive in XYZ organization since the last two years. My work profile covers the aspects in which I directly deal with the customers to enhance the sales of the organization. I contribute towards the development of integrated marketing campaigns in order to drive the organization towards a higher level of profits. My job is to maintain a database for ...

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