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Development and Retention Questions - Ford Motor Industry

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In detail and using your expertises please attempt to create a plan for effectively training, developing and retaining employees in the FORD MOTOR industry. Keeping in mind the strategic needs of the industry and include methods like workers gain and retain desirable skills, find opportunities for growth and advancement, and experience work environments that promote equity and fairness between employers and employees.

Please answer the following with some detail and your expertise, cite accordingly

1. Identify elements of effective training and development programs used by organizations within Ford Motor Industry?

2. Analyze components of effective retention and career development processes employed by organizations within Ford Motor Industry?

3. Examine applications of human capital development with regard to skill sets and gap analysis in Ford Motor Industry?

4. Create a career development planning model that incorporates attention to key development success factors for Ford Motor Industry?

5. Design elements of an effective employee relations program that could be used by organizations within Ford Motor Industry?

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The solution examines the Ford Motor Industry and their career and human resources practices including elements of their employee relations programs and their career development initiatives.

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