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R&D Effectiveness

Please review the Web Sites http://xmlfund.com/roadmap/ , and http://www.eeel.nist.gov/812/files/2005IPRM.pdf regarding Technology Road Maps. Then, complete a detailed Topic Summary by doing the following:

a. Create and defend a technology roadmap for the Ford Motor Company based on the web site reading above.

b. Describe the stages of technology development demonstrated as a result.

c. In considering Research Methods for Managerial Decisions and other relevant materials, discuss the similarities and differences between "basic" and "applied" research and that which applies to Ford Motor Company.

Please do not copy, cut & paste text from various internet sites as a response, or copy from previous postings. I am looking for NEW perspective from an expert in this area! Please include relevant sources.

Thanks in advance.

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//Before understanding the concept of Effectiveness of R&D, it is necessary to understand the technological roadmap. So here, I am creating the technology roadmap for the Ford Motor Company, based on the given website and searches done on the other websites. //

A technology roadmap shows the upcoming reliable technology and the also helps in product architectural review. Besides this, it also helps companies in marketing strategies, and product development. It is a planning tool and extended look at the future which facilitates the setting of emerging technologies right and it also integrates technology with business. It also helps the management in reducing business uncertainty. It is being used by a variety of industries like cell phones, electronics and automobiles industry.

Objectives- Broad objectives of Technology roadmap for Ford Motor Company is to-

? Create additional market for products of Ford Motor Company.

? Identify emerging technology and its criticality.

? Predict future technology needs and identify technology gaps.

? Identify and enumerate steps needed to transfer technology to the products of Ford Motor Company.

? Increase collaboration and joint ventures among automobiles companies.

? Identify venture capital needs.

? Increase the rate of technology development and its conversion ...

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