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    Research on dialectical behaviour therapy

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    I need articles on dialectical behavior therapy:
    1. At least five quantitative research articles
    2. At least five qualitative research articles
    3. At least one mixed methods research article
    4. At least one program evaluation article for review
    Can you help me find these?

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    This first one is a good article to read but it is not included in the articles you need.

    Nelson, K. J. (2013). This issue: Dialectical behavior therapy. Psychiatric Annals, 43(4), 149-150. doi:http://dx.doi.org/10.3928/00485713-20130403-03

    Quantitative Studies:

    Andión, Ó., Ferrer, M., Matali, J., Gancedo, B., Calvo, N., Barral, C., & ... Casas, M. (2012). Effectiveness of combined individual and group dialectical behavior therapy compared to only individual dialectical behavior therapy: A preliminary study. Psychotherapy, 49(2), 241-250. doi:10.1037/a0027401

    Bedics, J. D., Atkins, D. C., Comtois, K., & Linehan, M. M. (2012). Weekly therapist ratings of the therapeutic relationship and patient introject during the course of dialectical behavioral ...

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    The research on dialectical behavior therapy.