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Psychoanalytic Concepts

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Peer review attached. Can you help me answer how the study presents material differently than earlier analysts? How are psychoanalytic concepts addressed in the current research studies? Please provide examples.

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The solution discusses psychoanalytic concepts.

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It took me a long time to find the full text of the article.
What I will do is summarize it relative to the questions you ask.

This is a difficult article.

Here's a basic summary:

Facts are problematic. All facts are embodied in theory. Hence, psychiatry cannot be seen by itself, but part of a larger social whole. This is the thesis - there is no individual neurosis, there are social forces that create contradictions both in society and in the mental life of the patient.

Linear logic is not the same as dialectical logic. Most psychiatric practice deals with linear logic (event a causes neurosis b; simple cause and effect).
Dialectics sees opposition: the inequalities of power lead people to feel alienated and hence, develop all kinds of mental illnesses. See the difference here? Dialectical logic sees society as ...

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