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Culture and play therapy

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- Can you Identify the role culture plays in using play therapy techniques.

In addition can you answer the following questions:

- What role does culture play in selecting materials for use in play therapy?

- What should the counsellor consider when making decisions about culturally appropriate play therapy materials?

- Select one of the following situations. Then, describe the play therapy technique and examples of the materials you would use with the child or adolescent. Explain your rationale and the cultural appropriateness of your materials:

*A 10-year-old African American boy, with a physically abusive father, who is in denial about the recent, sudden death of his mother.
*A 6-year-old Caucasian girl whose uncle, the leader of a local church, is accused of sexually molesting her.
*A 16-year-old Hispanic girl who is pregnant, due to her promiscuous behaviour, and recently dropped out of high school.
*A 13-year-old Asian boy, with an absent father, who recently robbed and assaulted a woman in order to join a gang.

Use APA style, cite reference

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This solution discusses the role of culture in the use of Play therapy.

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(1) What role does the culture play in selecting material for one in Play therapy?

A United States Department of Health and Human (DHHS) report reveals the ramifications of childhood problems cut across all ethnic groups, cultures, and socioeconomic classes for problems related to negative experiences such as sex abuse. For example, based on the report as many as 54% of females and 18% of males will have experienced some form of sexual abuse. In addition, child sexual abuse negatively impacts children and their families and is associated with a wide range of behavioural and emotional problems (DHHS, 2007 as cited in Springer & Misrell, 2010). Thus, they hold that play therapy is an appropriate approach in treating childhood sexual abuse. Play therapy allows for treatment to be administered in an entertaining and non-threatening manner. Further, according to Springer and Misurell, children can communicate in their natural mode of expressions. Play therapy provides a structured and engaging format for teaching and providing skills.

(2) What should the counsellor consider when making decisions about using appropriate play therapy?

Therapists should consider what meaning the play therapy has for the child. For instance, as O'Connor points out, play therapy encourages children to express ...

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