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Understanding Therapy Groups and Demographics

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For this Discussion, select a culture (e.g., military, college students, ethnic group, Deaf community) with which you are familiar. Consider how the culture's attitudes, values, and beliefs might impact therapeutic factors during group therapy.

With these thoughts in mind:

Post by Day 4 a brief description of the culture you selected. Then, explain how the attitudes, values, beliefs, and/or behaviors of this culture might impact therapeutic factors in group therapy. Provide examples to support your response. Be specific and use the Learning Resources and current literature to support your response.

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A culture's attitudes, values, beliefs, and/or behaviors play an important role in the treatment plan of the client.

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With pretty much any culture, you will have differences. Take a college student for example, the typical college student is a young adult, planning his future and looking forward to life. They believe that a college degree will get them a good job, that they will find a perfect mate and have a good family based on his experiences growing up in a ...

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