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Research Design Questions

Can you help me consider the following case:
A marketing firm is evaluating the possibility of using a series of product promotions for the population of Cook County, Illinois. However, these promotions are based upon the US National demographics from the 2010 Census data. There is some concern that if the demographics of Cook County Illinois are significantly different than the US National demographics, the product promotions would not work.

I have included the Excel spreadsheet with the 2010 Census data sets for Cook County (Illinois) and the US National demographics. Can you help me Analyze and compare both data sets using the data analysis and biases concepts from Chapter 11 of Sekaran & Bougie (2010). and Compare only those categories that you find are significant to your analysis in demonstrating whether the US demographics based promotions can or cannot be effectively used in Cook County, Illinois.

Part I

Can you help me Create a graph that compares the categories from each file that you consider relevant. Create a 3-5 slide presentation with in-depth narratives in the speaker notes section that displays the graph(s) and analysis on how the Cook County demographic categories you chose differ from the national demographics.

Part II

In the second part , based on your research findings of the first part, create a 3-5 slide presentation with in-depth narratives in the speaker notes section. You are to provide your advice as to possible business ventures to pursue in Cook County, for either the scenario 1 or 2 listed below.

Based on your analysis and interpretation from Part , Can you help me research the Internet to help me reach this recommendation? Document any assumptions or elaborations you had to make in the speaker's notes section of the slides.

Scenario 1:

The marketing firm above has a request from a for-profit university that wants a recommendation on what new specific degree program should be pursued for the Cook County community.

Scenario 2:

The marketing firm above has a request from a development company that wants to know which specific businesses the stores should be leased to a new 5-store strip mall (small businesses) to be established within the Cook County community.