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    Research design

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    What is the purpose of a research design? What are the basic research design issues? What are the major types of research design?

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    Research Design

    Research design is used to structure research so that all the major components of the research project such as the research sample, measures, methods, and research questions are tied together efficiently and flow continuously (http://www.socialresearchmethods.net).

    What is the Purpose of Research Design?

    The purpose of research design is to provide an accurate assessment of cause and effect relationships between independent and dependent variables or according to (http://www.nyu.edu), research design enables the researcher to obtained evidence in order to answer research questions, test a theory, evaluate a program or describe a phenomenon as clearly as possible.

    What are the basic research design issues?

    http://www.tlrp.org found that there has been an increasing concern on the quality of research design especially the quality of research questions, the methods used to select sample groups the lack of use of triangulation in ...

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    The purpose of research design, issues and types of research design.